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Speaking of Lodi Wine Country

They are having a Wine and Chocolate Festival this Valentine Day weekend. Website is here.

There is a very long list of participating wineries and hotels, which should help with setting up the next Vintacon.

One of the hotels listed is a Hampton Inn which is part of the Hilton chain.

You now know all I know about Lodi. ;)
Tentative plans for Vintacon are in the works.  If you are going to be at our place on Saturday, we'll be having a somewhat serious discussion about plans for the upcoming year. If you've been to Lodi for wine tasting, we'd like your opinion on some of our options. We'll also need a team approach to this year, as I am scaling back because of the gravity of my workload.  Traditionally Vintacon has been in October, and realistically with our schedule, this is the only ideal time we can go. Summer is way too hot.  Everytime I've gone wine tasting in the summer, I've ended up with wine down the drain. 
So we want to hear from you either on Saturday, or right here in comments!


Party at the House of Spike!

Good Gentlefolk,

We have come down on the verdict of the party date.
Timing sucks this year ( there isn't much we could do for that,)  but we did want to celebrate another year of staying alive and loved.
So for all who can make it, we're having our soiree on January the First, from 7 P.M. on at the House of Spike.
Bringing games and food are a plus, but only if you can or want to bring them.  We have lots.
Wine, tea and soft drinks we've got a plenty, plus some other weird green stuff, but if you'd like to bring a special libation, you are welcome to bring it with you (if it isn't incendiary) . We'd love to see you!

We're cross posting this to the usual places, so please comment if you are coming!


Vintacon 2011

I was reminded yesterday that there are people who have "Vinquiring" minds, and want to know if there will be a Vintacon 2011.

Yes, as far as I can tell there will be. Tentative plans are for Lodi, an up and coming winery district.  Not in the summer however if we want our wine to last.  Besides I have a ridiculous schedule next summer, and I'd like to tour wineries when it isn't so dad-burned hot. So for now we are looking at the traditional Vintacon weekend (Columbus Day weekend).  I'm going to need a program head to lead up the tour, as I will be neck deep in ankle-biters during that time. Anyone know the Lodi area sufficiently enough to at least give ideas on where to find the best in the "Vintacon" winery experience?

The Scientific Method of Pouring Champagne

Well, looks like my science training has paid off!
How to properly pour the bubbly.


Something to tide y'all over...

The sheer elegance of sportsmanship: Wine Pong.
It's been a while since there's been a post at this community, so I thought it was time. 
Did you know that in Napa there is a castle winery?
They have a festival going on this coming week called "Festival del Sole" and it is featuring Rita Moreno in concert on one of the days.  Too bad that it is during the middle of the week.  Maybe someday they'll have it on a weekend when us working types can go.  It would be fun to see a concert in a castle.
Back in 2003 at the first Vintacon, SLOcon, we toured Hearst Castle. There is also another castle down in that area too, Eagle Castle Winery.  My guess is that it isn't as extensive as the Hearst property.

What of news of a future VintaCon?  I think I can tentatively say that there will be one in 2011.  When and where depends on many factors.  Personally, I'd like to do Lodi.  It is an relatively up and coming area, and it seems to have many wineries.  The trick is to find which ones will be a good fit.



It's Time To Start the Discussion

Yes there is another con in our future. No. Not Vintacon, but SMOFcon next year in San Jose.
We do need to think of having a discussion about Vintacon for next year however.
Questions to be asked.
Let's start planning.
My first question series is when and where?


Party Planning

Hi Vinophiles!
We are planning to have an evening party and for planning purposes would like your thoughts.
The dates we're considering are:
Saturday, December 26th (Boxing Day)
Friday, January 1st
Saturday, January 2nd

Let us know in comments!

Drink Up, Cylon Whore!

Some drink recipes named after the new BSG characters and series.  I love some of the names.

Mmmmmm. Yummy!