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Doing research on VintaCon...

All righty students of Viticulture.  I have a class assignment for you!

My next stop for research (after Day of the Doon)  will be an interesting situation.  I have been asked by a friend...a very blonde friend, to drive to Sonora up in Gold and Twain Country to  be the "wine expert".  She has a thing for haunted places, and we are going to a haunted hotel for the weekend, so she can write a review, and with any luck see ghosts (hopefully not my luck).  She also needs to get "good wine" for a reception at LACon iv.  If everything goes the way it usually does with this friend, I will have an interesting weekend, but just in case, I want to be prepared.  Any suggestions as to where to go?  I have to get the address of the hotel so I can plot out a  route.  It looks roughly  twenty miles from Sonora.   Did I mention that I was driving?  Sigh.  This will indeed be a loooong weekend experience coming up.  Dave will be at Construction, and I will be with, well,  Blondstruction.  How am I supposed to do a decent job tasting and driving?  Ugh.
If it is any consolation they have around 20 wineries just in the Calaveras area.  Have a look at the map also, list your picks in the comment section.  Okay???  Then there is the Tuolumne County area with  Mount Brow.  Just watch out for the annoying music on the site. 

This is also in the hot seat for being the next VintaCon, simply because of the feedback I have gotten back from folks.
Besides, it'll be an adventure, right?
It does have a sciffy connection!  Mark Twain once lived in the area, gathering material for his story on that daft jumping frog.  And of course one of the worlds first time travel stories,  a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court , and I am fairly certain Mark Twain's cabin, though a replica, could be enjoyed by the hearty hikers in the group (snark).

Oh yeah, and the haunted hotels.  How could I forget?
Blondstruction, here I come!
Pray for my soul.