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Possible next location...

Went wine-tasting in southern Santa Clara County (Gilroy-ish) area. There are around a dozen nice little wineries.

More details later... we hit 4 wineries. At this point y'all will have to be satisfied with:

Solis: Nice sangiovese. Nice chardonnay.

Sarah's Vineyard: Cat in the rafters. Good zin. Good Pinot noir.

Kirigillin (sp?): It's a hobbit-hole. I'm not kidding. Generally nice. Sparkling wine not so great. Port with orange, coffee and chocolate flavor is amazingly better than it sounds.

Clos la Chance: Big snooty Napa-style winery without the snootiness. Amazing Muscat. Good dry rosé. Excellent ambience.

Had a great time running between wineries with lobolance and Rob and Valerie (who we met at Solis and ended up hauling along with).