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Teslacon Membership list

Here are the registered members (sorted by last name)
  1. Martin A (dinner)
  2. Morgan C (dinner) roguishdevil
  3. Dave C (dinner)
  4. Nancy C
  5. Dave G (dinner)
  6. Karole I (dinner)
  7. John McB (dinner)
  8. Fred M (dinner)
  9. Gerald N (dinner + Gayle for dinner)
  10. John O (dinner) johno
  11. Chris O (dinner) chriso
  12. Kevin R kproche
  13. Spring S (dinner) dinogrl
  14. Cindy S
  15. Gavin S
  16. Andy T (dinner) bovil
  17. Diana V (dinner) <lj user="artvixn> </li></ol> If it says (dinner) after your name, that means that you're in the dinner reservation count. Gayle doesn't have a membership, but she's joining us for dinner.


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Oct. 6th, 2005 01:39 pm (UTC)
Updated dinner list...
Martin A (dinner)
Morgan C (dinner)
Dave C (dinner)
Dave G (dinner)
Karole I (dinner)
John McB (dinner)
Fred M (dinner)
Gerald N (dinner + Gayle for dinner)
John O (dinner)
Chris O (dinner)

Spring S (dinner)
Cindy S (dinner)
Gavin S (dinner)
Andy T (dinner)
Diana V (dinner)

So that's 16 for dinner. I'll see if we can get that many seats... cross your fingers it isn't sold out already
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