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Tentative plans for Vintacon are in the works.  If you are going to be at our place on Saturday, we'll be having a somewhat serious discussion about plans for the upcoming year. If you've been to Lodi for wine tasting, we'd like your opinion on some of our options. We'll also need a team approach to this year, as I am scaling back because of the gravity of my workload.  Traditionally Vintacon has been in October, and realistically with our schedule, this is the only ideal time we can go. Summer is way too hot.  Everytime I've gone wine tasting in the summer, I've ended up with wine down the drain. 
So we want to hear from you either on Saturday, or right here in comments!



Dec. 29th, 2010 09:49 am (UTC)
If we do October, we need to keep an eye on Silicon and SorcererCon, so we don't conflict with either one.
Saturday is still up in the air. It depends on how Harold is feeling.