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Party at the House of Spike!

Good Gentlefolk,

We have come down on the verdict of the party date.
Timing sucks this year ( there isn't much we could do for that,)  but we did want to celebrate another year of staying alive and loved.
So for all who can make it, we're having our soiree on January the First, from 7 P.M. on at the House of Spike.
Bringing games and food are a plus, but only if you can or want to bring them.  We have lots.
Wine, tea and soft drinks we've got a plenty, plus some other weird green stuff, but if you'd like to bring a special libation, you are welcome to bring it with you (if it isn't incendiary) . We'd love to see you!

We're cross posting this to the usual places, so please comment if you are coming!