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It's been a while since there's been a post at this community, so I thought it was time. 
Did you know that in Napa there is a castle winery?
They have a festival going on this coming week called "Festival del Sole" and it is featuring Rita Moreno in concert on one of the days.  Too bad that it is during the middle of the week.  Maybe someday they'll have it on a weekend when us working types can go.  It would be fun to see a concert in a castle.
Back in 2003 at the first Vintacon, SLOcon, we toured Hearst Castle. There is also another castle down in that area too, Eagle Castle Winery.  My guess is that it isn't as extensive as the Hearst property.

What of news of a future VintaCon?  I think I can tentatively say that there will be one in 2011.  When and where depends on many factors.  Personally, I'd like to do Lodi.  It is an relatively up and coming area, and it seems to have many wineries.  The trick is to find which ones will be a good fit.