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Vintacon Friday Schedule: All the Deets

Greetings Comrades of the (swirl, smell, taste) Revolution!
Here are the details for Friday morning:

*Meet at Hospitality at 9 a.m.    Hospitality is Dave and Spring's room.  Ask registration for our room number or call Dave on his cell phone.  If you don't have Dave's cell phone, it will be emailed to you if you are reading this.
*Get registration packets.
*Load bus, cars, and head out by 9:30 sharp!    Dave will be in the lead with the big, white, ugly twelve person van.  Designated Drivers (Bill, Yvette, Allie-did I remember everyone who is a DD?) will receive maps and addresses at that time.  (Jo, if you could send me a download of the map with addresses, that would be swell! Then I could make copies and pass along to the DDs.)

*Carpe Diem ad infinitum


*Better Red than Dead (if we're still standing)

*Games, talk, etc.


Saturday: Lighter schedule.    Meet up at hospitality 10 a.m.

Any questions?  Let us know!!!!