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Comrades! Food!!!!! Mother Russian River is Calling!

Hi there members of the Party,
Getting back to the topic of food, most people wanted to be told what to bring.  Some did not.  I am just going to post some items that we need, as I will be getting into my pantry this week to see what we have as well as the Sandwich Stuff, and water of course. I'm just going to publish a list and you give me your prefs of what you'd like to bring, then I'll assign you. K?
Carole and Bill are bringing fresh Goat Cheese (yum).

Carrot Sticks
Celery Sticks
Any Other Interesting Veggies  you would like to eat
Ranch dressing, or Any other Salad Dressing you would like to use
Veggie Tray

Potato Chips
Tortilla Chips
Fresh fruit of any kind!
Dessert type stuff.  Cake, cookies, champagne wafers, or chocolate.   Chocolate is good with sweets.

Also, we'll need people to help out getting things ready, and don't be shy about opening the refrigerator and getting things out to help yourself. Seriously!

Any other suggestions are appreciated!
Thank you!
Co-Chairman of the Party,
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