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Some Things Have Become a Tradition

Friday night (if we are still standing), instead of doing "Deadly Zins", it will be "Better Red than Dead Night"  because of the theme of the convention.  If you can find a good Khrushchev or Stalin wine, let me know...(lame attempt at humor).
Saturday night will be the SWEEEEET night.

We are also going to do something a little differently this year in terms of picnic stuff.  I am going to get a few things at Costco, such as cold cuts, bread, cheese, water, fruit, flatware, cups, plates.
We'll need people to bring chips, condiments, anything that would add to the fun.  We also need munchies for Friday, Sweet stuff and water crackers for sweets.

Should I break it up by alphabetizing a list as to who will bring what, or do you want to have first crack at what to bring?
For example:  Last name starts with A, bring chocolate, etc...

Let me know in comments, or email me at vintacon at pacbell dot net.