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Okay, almost there. Almost.

Okay Soldiers of Bacchus,

Almost done with the shopping. Knocked down Costco, BevMo, and Safeway ($$$$$$$$ coupons and certificates). I have requested one of our members to pick up a few items for the Hospitality suite, when she arrived to deliver the coolers. Thanks!
What didn't happen is getting to TJ's.

I have sub plans, lesson plans, progress reports to write, and tests to grade. - Career has run over my life with a 18 wheeler.-
Clean up my classroom, call for a sub, and pick Dave up to take him to the Van rental place. Pack, load the car and van, manage not to forget anything, and get on the road. Oh yeah, and maybe try to get to TJ's before they close to snag a few last minute things.

Vintacon members, if you can help me get these last few items on my list, I would be grateful.

-Cherry tomatoes
-Bag of Baby carrots
-Bag of Broccoli, cauliflower, sugar peas for veggie tray
-Fresh strawberries (I couldn't find any, due to their seasonal nature) If that isn't possible, fresh frozen are good enough.
-bag o chips (I have blue cornchips) I have many, many crackers.
-tapenade/dip/brioche type thingie. I have a gynormous tub of fresh salsa.

I think I can manage to get the rest of things on my list...I hope.

Bless You and Thank You! If you can bring any of these items, please comment, so we don't get multiples of one thing.


Oct. 12th, 2007 03:07 am (UTC)
I have an artichoke tapenade I picked up at Costco. I thought it was yummy when I tasted it in sample. Artichokes, olives, key limes, spices, what's not to like?
I also drag along some chips to add to the pile.
Electric cooler is already on the list.
We're driving down on Friday am, leaving a 9 to be there by 10.
Call the house 4 Zero 8 288 5166 if you need anything else. We live near a Safeway, FoodMax and Trader Joe's. Life is yummy.