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Mission ReeKon Orders more to the point.

(DO'kay, the Mac is a learning curve here, so I'm going to be just publishing tactical mission. 10 am sharp in HQ)

For Your Eyes Only
The Mission:

Friday 10/12
11am - Fortino
Noon - Solis
1pm - Kirigin tasting, tour and picnic
4pm - Hecker Pass

Saturday 10/13
11am - Clos la Chance
Noon - Sycamore Creek (tentative)
1pm - Gilroy Gardens, picnic and gardens
4pm - Sarah's

Sunday: 10/14 Meet at HQ 1100 hours.
One-ish Set out for a few more wineries in the area, revisit the ones we want to go make a pick up at.
Possibly to Sycamore Creek depending on what happens on Saturday.

If you have any questions, please contact your CO immediately.
That would be Dave, or me.