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Hello VinoMercenaries,
Here are your mission orders:
This is the "Final" Winery Tactical Plan for Mission ReeKon. As you know, "final" can be subject to change, as tasting is an art not set in stone.

Because the tasting rooms are expecting us at certain times, our tactical assault will begin with checking in to Headquarters: Hospitality (our suite in the Hilton Garden Inn) at 1000 hours sharp both days. Friday, you will get your official papers, tools for the mission, and special instructions. We want to leave a good impression by being good soldiers, and accomplishng our mission on time.

Wyatt has taken on his "special ops" duties very well, and deserves props for all his work in arranging the Winery Tactical Plan. Thanks, Wyatt!

For Your Eyes Only
The Mission:

Friday 10/12 Weather forecast calls for a 30% chance of rain, so be prepared for a possiblity of light showers.
11am - Fortino Special Gear: Aloha shirts-Any of the Official VintaCon Shirts will do: Bird of Paradise, Nasa, or Winery
Noon - Solis or Any loud shirt will do.
1pm - Kirigin tasting, tour and picnic
4pm - Hecker Pass

Saturday 10/13 Weather forecast calls for a cloudy and temps in the 70's. Bacchus is smiling upon us, we hope.
11am - Clos la Chance
Noon - Sycamore Creek (tentative)
1pm - Gilroy Gardens, picnic and gardens (Final Admission Price: $23.99 per person, better than the group rate).
4pm - Sarah's

Sunday: 10/14 Meet at HQ 1100 hours.
One-ish Set out for a few more wineries in the area, revisit the ones we want to go make a pick up at.
Possibly to Sycamore Creek depending on what happens on Saturday.

If you have any questions, please contact your CO immediately.
That would be Dave, or me.