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For all of you who remember and attended TeslaCon, we started a tradition of thematic wine drinking with the "Seven Deadly Zins".  At Murphys, we had a "Scary Wine'  gathering.  I thought about what would be appropriate for "ReeKon", and the idea of stinky wine, or wine in a canteen just didn't appeal to our senses.  So really, what did the "deadly zins" have to do with TeslaCon?  Nuthin.  (oh, alright it had to do with a guy that played with electricity...)   So, I thunked and I thunked.  This year after seeing many, many labels (BRIX has a fantastic wine list, amongst other places we've been too), we have opted for a "Spacey Wine" evening.  No, not wine from Kevin Spacey, but as in "Space, that final frontier"  thingie you've heard tell of.  Now right off the bat I can think of a little winery in Santa Cruz that has something to do with spaceships that comes to mind, ( and yes, that is okay.)  
BUT, think not of the obvious.  I have seen beautiful starscapes and lovely labels that have to do with the cosmos, but the wine-not so heavenly.   Those new to VintaCon should note that it isn't just the label, or the catchy sciencey kinda name,  but it has to have some aesthetic quality in the taste department.    So Dear Members, here is your task for the Friday evening gathering after dinner:  Bring a wine (preferably red) that has something to do with space, spaceships, the celestial, planetary, aliens, uh, you get the picture?   After dinner from a day of tasting (we're taking it easy folks, right?) we'll adjourn to Hospitality to sample what heavenly delights bestow upon us.  

Spread the word!  
Friday evening is a Spaced Out, Heavenly Event!