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 Hello Fellow Vinophiles!

Just a reminder that some of you who have expressed an interest in VintaCon this year have five more days to do something about it!

Yup September 15th is the deadline. 

We have several types of memberships to offer:

2 day (Friday and Saturday) membership is $60.00
Full membership is $75.00
Designated Driver membership is $10 (no drinking while driving, but evenings when we socialize, yes!!)
We are very low on designated drivers. 
Our van is a "fifteen passenger", however we have noted that it gets very crowded with twelve.  We need your help.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, let us know immediately!

We also need to know how many would like to go to Gilroy Gardens.  So far  the majority of the current paid membership has expressed an interest in going.  Let me clarify that we would start the day at  one winery, then GG for a couple of hours, followed by a picnic  just outside the grounds in their picnic area. The plan is to finish out the day  with a couple more wineries before going out to dinner for that evening.  

If you need a form, you can go here to find the form to download, or bring your payment to BASFA tomorrow and fill out a form there.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Join us!