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Schedule possibilities for ReeKon on Sunday

From my understanding, people are okay with the Gilroy Gardens outting on Saturday.  Sunday is the last day for the NorCal Ren Faire.  Would you like to swing by that, or am I totally out of the ball park for that one?  It's doable since there aren't that many wineries in the Gilroy area.
Let me know!

Oh, I have been mulling on the idea of having a fondue party for sweets.  Does that sound okay, and if so, does anyone have an extra fondue pot, so we can have more than one type of sin  chocolate?

Also, as part of the "Whole Vineyard" membership, we will have a "Mimosa Gathering"  Sunday morning before hitting the road.  If you have a favorite "bubbly" that you'd like, let us know that as well.  Sorry, as much as I would love to,  the convention cannot afford the Dom P.  You'll have to bring that yourself!

Once again, the registration for Vintacon is fast approaching.  Not many folks have signed on as designated drivers.  We have one car and one van, and our membership is growing!  If you know of someone who would like to party and join us for the fun, and drive, please send them to this site!  Thanks!



Sep. 26th, 2007 05:26 am (UTC)
I have a fondue pot if you still need another one. e-mail me to remind me at harriganfam at sbcglobal.net
I like bananas and strawberries in my fondue. Graham crackers are good too. Not to mention Marshmallows. Yes, Fondue, graham crackers and marshmallows work in a silly sort of way. If you don't have any I probably still have some.
Also, One trick I learned about mimosas. If you use frozen oj, do NOT dilute with water, dilute with bubbly. The orange flavor is stronger that way. Yes, I did it once, it was lovely.
And Big Harold is still not into Lots of Walking, so Ren Faire would not work for us. As it is, he may be getting a electric cart at Gilroy Gardens so his legs don't go wonky.