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Schedules are never set in stone

Okay, since you've asked.
First of all the deadline for memberships being turned in is September 15th.  
We need to know how many people to shuttle around, and how many people can drive.  I don't have firm numbers on that yet.  I have around 15 memberships, but I will post that information later as I have a  Nippon 2007 deadline imposing itself.

Tentatively, the schedule looks something like this:

HGI offers a low cost breakfast, but we will have “continental style” breakfast available for your enjoyment.  If you are just getting there, be there by 11 a.m.  Board van, and cars around 11 a.m. Visit to Kirigan,  Solis-and one other winery tbd:  need input on folks who have done Gilroy and have suggestions.

Back to hotel for a rest break and to unload our spoils for the day.
Dinner (optional to join us  or find your own) possibly at San Andreas Brewing Company, unless a better offer happens!
Hotel for deadly Zins, scary wine,  or something similar.  Gaming, smoffing, snacking, laughing  to ensue...



HGI breakfast, or continental in the Suite, then load and depart around 11ish to Gilroy Gardens, until two-ish  (weather permitting)  with lunch inside  the park.  Gilroy Gardens is $23 at the group rate (15 or more).  This excursion is a separate admission cost, and isn’t part of your membership .Just remember, we are returning to a simpler time like the Hearst Castle Tour, and Roaring Camp Railway trip which also cost extra.  Gilroy Gardens is a non-profit organization, and interest has been expressed in the “local flavor” event portion.  We need 15 to get the better rate.

Then afterward,  off to a winery or two in the afternoon (input helpful here). 

Back to the Hotel for a rest break.

Dinner, optional.  Place: well, I don’t know Gilroy that well, but I suspect it doesn’t have that many fine dining establishments, possibly the former bid site for the 2008 Worldcon????   Suggestions?

Back from dinner, then SWEETS!  Bring your favorite dessert wine, and we’ll roust up some chocolate for the occasion.

Gaming, smoffing, chortling, and general foolishness will ensue.



After breakfast, we head out after we check out, and go back to, or onward to visit a couple more wineries?????

Again, nothing is set in stone.

Does this help?



Aug. 22nd, 2007 03:17 am (UTC)
Us too! )<: Thanks for the information on Dave's. Since we have a bevy of Dave's that may be a serious consideration. I've eaten at Casa de Fruita~not my thing!