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Solis visit in August

Sunday, kingwyatt and I decided to drive on down to Solis,  which was having a food-and-wine pairings event. It was a perfect day; sunny and warm and not hot at all (all this too-perfect weather makes me think Something Bad must be coming!). A blues trio eventually started playing. They had a guest guitarist/singer who was really good. It was quite a treat to sip wine and tap toes.

The 'event' tasting started with their '06 Fiano SCV. Kingwyatt and I both swore we'd tried their Fiano before, but not liked it as well as we did this time. :-)

'01 Estate Merlot was next. It was quite tasty, plenty of fruit in it, but dry. A good wine to share. Next up was an '03 Syrah SCV, which we also liked. They paired it with a bit of tritip sandwich; nice, save the green pepper flavor infused everything (including the meat), and neither kingwyatt nor I are terribly fond of green peppers. Oh well.

Next was the barrel tasting, an '06 Mannstand (vineyard) Merlot. This will be blended with some other merlot to make a reserve. I really liked it; I like the tannins middle of the taste. This was paired with some chocolates. The chocolates were excellent, but, boy, they did not go with the wine. ! The almond roca and other buttery things were better.

Last was an '06 Muscan Canelli. At first it was ok, nice, easy to share with friends, but not too special. But after it sat a bit, wow, what a difference! Whole new warm notes opened up. Impressive.  All told, I am liking Solis' wines much more lately.

We did the 'regular' tasting afterward: '04 Chardonnay, '06 Vin Roseo, '02 Zinfandel. All were ok, but tended to peter out at the end.