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Livermore Visits Last...

Also on recommendation from Pat Heinemann, we stopped at Tenuta Vineyards.

Again, a first-time stop.

Tenuta is another very young botique winery. They're up on the side of a hill in a mini-mansion development scattered among the vineyards. We tasted a stack there.

They've got a new white blend, "Aria" that we weren't too impressed with. A bit too heavy on the minerals, and not nearly enough acid to balance it out.

Their "Duet," on the other hand, is wonderful. I swear, everybody who does blended wines has to name at least one blend of two varietals "Duet." This year's Duet is chardonnay and viognier, and has a lot of fruit, a tiny hint of oak, butter and minerals, and a huge nose.

We got to do a vertical tasting of their Pinot Noir, from 2001, 2002 and 2003. 2002 was imported grapes, the other two were from their estate vineyard. The 2003 is delightful. It's light, a bit acidic, and fruity.

They're doing a nice syrah too. Livermore tends to produce decent syrah. In addition to their regular syrah (tart, tannic, pretty decent balance), they had "five buck chuck," a you-bottle-it syrah that wasn't great, but wasn't bad.

Oh, we also did a quick stop at Thomas Coyne, but it was the end of their day and they had family waiting at home, so we just said "hi" and headed home ourselves.