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Came home from tasting chocolate all day.  This on the heels of the St George Distilery open house yesterday. 
I am overloaded.  Very overloaded.  The SF International Chocolate Salon at the Fort Mason Conference Center was delightful, crowded and much, much too cramped.  Once you got in, everything was free to taste, but then there were delights you could take home for a few dollars more.  Since we have tons of chocolate at home still (I feel a party coming on soon), we deferred adoption of more of the pleasures of the cacao bean.  I will say I have seen (and tasted) some very interesting varieties of truffles.  The "in" substance of ganache flavoring is tea, all kinds of tea, but I saw at least five chocolatiers with Earl Grey truffles.  Yum.  The "out" taste texture is espresso, only about three truffles types that I saw.  Surprising and unexpected tastes were the ones made with "hot stuff".  The chipotle/with whatever was mixed with it, curry mixed with dark chocolate (not a truffle), and the wasabe/mango  truffle were surprisingly not hot, and wow, just, wow, bursting with flavor heaven.

Along with the chocolate there were some wineries pimpin' their selections too, and we got some notions on future VintaCon locations.  
Pity there wasn't more wineries represented, but for an event of that size it was tolerable.  After yesterday's St. George excursion, maybe that was a blessing.

We took a break in between (with thirty chocolatiers there, you MUST take a break). We walked around Fort Mason.    dave_gallaher  took some pictures at the end of one of the piers.  San Francisco has been exceptionally tolerable for the times we have gone in for events, so he was able to get some decent pictures once again.  Next door to the choclate salon was a museum called the "The Long Now" .    jaylake, you must contact them.  It is pretty incredible, and features a few clock mechanisms that would be straight out of Mainspring.  They have a small gift shop attached to the project, and it featured Vernor Vinge's Rainbow's End , which is nominated for a Hugo this year. 

To home and a light dinner of Ratatouille (from Whole Foods) and light Caesar salad, then chores before the work week.  Dave is doing his now, and I have yet to get started...oops, blogging isn't in the chore queue.
Speaking of Ratatouille, I was shocked but not entirely surprised to see this in Wine Spectator.  Personally, I think it is poor form for Disney to do this after their about face on marketing  "junk food".  Hmmm.  Must be the PIXAR side of things.  Of course I don't think wine is junk food, however, I do question their usage of a character from an animated feature clearly intended for children to be marketed specifically for adults. Rataouille is geared toward children, as most features under the Disney name are.   I worked eversobriefly for the Mouse, and I have always questioned their marketing practices.    They've always seemed "off" on many things.  They wouldn't market anything "adult" for Toy Story characters in clothing sales, but yet they would booooore us to tears with the Bear With No Brain and the original Disney Characters.  The only things Toy Story I could get my hands on were promotional items for the movies.  Go fig.   Concerning the wine issue, apparently there is someone who has a similar opinion that blogged this before me.  Okay.  He wins.

And with that, I better get to my chores.  Busy week ahead.


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Jul. 16th, 2007 01:21 pm (UTC)
Next time I'm in town, I shall go to the Long Now...
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