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Livermore Visits IV

We've drifted into territory where I'm forgetting things now, but...

On the recommendation of Pat Heinemann at Bent Creek, we went to The Mitchell Katz Winery At Ruby Hill.

Yeah, that's a long name. Katz's winery is on the site of the old Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton, now also home to some of Katz's vineyard acres, Ruby Hill Golf Course and Ruby Hill Gated Community.

So anyway, this was our first stop at Katz, which means I don't know their selections as well as I do other wineries.

Their Sangiovese really stood out. There's a lot of bad, overpriced California sangiovese. This isn't. Most good sangiovese tends to be a bit light and acidic, but this had a touch more body than average.

They also do a few really nice ports, but they're not terribly traditional. Being specialists in sangiovese, they do "Soprano" Sangiovese Port. It's got a great balance between acid and sweetness and a surprisingly complex flavor for anything sangiovese.

Bought a mixed case. We'll provide a more detailed report after a repeat visit.


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Jun. 22nd, 2005 07:30 am (UTC)
Thanks for the invite to taste btw!! Sorry didn't call you back but school just started for me and I'm swamped with the Stage management gig!

Sounds like I'll have to hit that new Katz place soon!

We should try and do sushi one night in the next week or two, gimmie a call!

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