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It's a SMOF-night special!

Please join dinogrl, dave_gallaher and the rest of the vintacon crowd for:

A Fanhistory of Vintacon

You'll find more bottles than books in this library!

Westercon 60
Friday, June 29 before the con actually begins!
Whenever the doors open, we're guessing 9-ish
Room 3099
San Mateo Marriott

Try wines from Santa Cruz (Vintacon 2, ScruzCon), Livermore (Vintacon 3, TeslaCon), Murphys (Vintacon 4, The Celebrated Jumping Cork Con of Calaveras County) and maybe even get a taste of what's to come at Vintacon 5 on the Gilroy/Watsonville corridor, ReeKon!

dinogrl will be selling ReeKon memberships at the party, and there's a very special ribbon for folks who register at Westercon 60!



Jun. 29th, 2007 05:21 am (UTC)
That's right! Come get your "ration" of fun (and garlic!). I may even have two special ribbons for those folks who give me a completed, paid membership! Come for the fun, you'll get a ribbon just for the party!

Bovil! What a great job you did with a "refreshed" look on the VintaCon page!!!!