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Party!!!!  At the Lair  Lab of the Evil Geniuses
Friday Evening at WesterCon (pre-con party)

Garlic and Camo, Operation V for VintaCon!

Much wine to be had!  Chocolate of sorts, and gosh, open to ideas with a Gilroy touch.
The Garlic Wine will be opened...and used as part of a sauce. (You think I want to close the party down?)
If anyone has any type of camo boltage and is willing to part with it for decorative purposes, please let me know, as I am going to the "yardage store " soon.  (I heard that phrase  from a sales clerk at Macy's).  I promise not to put it in (much) harm's way.

We would appreciate party set up help, as we are also setting up in the dealers room that afternoon/evening.

A special, very special, ribbon for those folks who purchase their memberships to ReeKon (VintaCon V) at Westercon.

Thank you ever so much!

Another plot unfolds...bwa-ha-ha!