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It's Livermore... remember Livermore?

If you were there at Vintacon 3 ("Teslacon" for you name-freaks), you remember a stop in a basement at The Steven Kent Winery's Barrel Room. You may also remember a bit of confusion because when Wente Bros. moved Iván Tamás out of the back building they disconnected the internet service, and our emails had gone astray.

Fortunately, Steven Kent (Mirrasou) was out in that back building for the grand-opening of the La Rochelle Winery tasting room, situated in that building that Iván Tamás had just moved out of, and he came over and sorted out our tasting stuff.

Anyway, although we didn't go to La Rochelle that day, K and I stopped on a later trip. They're doing interesting things with Pinot Noir, and we joined the wine club. The last time we stopped by we had a case and a half of wine-club selections to pick up.

On Sunday we stopped at La Rochelle with jorhett to pick up our latest club selection and to adjust our club membership level. They had just completed a major remodel on the tasting room, and done a serious revamp on their labels (neither yet reflected on their website).

Now they're doing a 4-wine table-service pairing menu rather than bar-service tasting, complimentary for club members and $15 for everybody else.

It's a great stop in the middle of the day, much more relaxed than the busy tasting bars in the rest of the valley. Yesteday's wines were a Chardonnay (somewhat in the Napa style, but subtle), two Pinot Noirs and a Syrah. They were paired with a soft cow's-milk cheese, a hard Manchego cheese, a very nice duck liver mousse and a olive-and-fig tapenade.

Definitely a nice way to break up a long day of tasting. If you like the pairings, though, bring a cooler and ice-packs. All the snacks are available for purchase, but they're fresh and need refrigeration.