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Merlot Madness in the Gilroy Hills

(cross-posted to my journal)

This last weekend, Wyatt and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful early spring weather, and get out and do some wine tasting. I am on the mailing list for Solis (a coworker volunteers there, too), so I knew of their Merlot Madness weekend. We usually taste in the Santa Cruz hills, so it was nice to go somewhere different.

Everyone else was taking advantage of the weather, too! I was completely amazed by the turnout. Cars everyone, on the sides of the road, in the nursery lot across the street... Still, the winery had done a nice job of setting up, with picnic tables to sit at and upended wine barrels to stand at too.

A little two piece band was playing; normally a quartet I gather, but their sound was quiet good for all of that (unfortunately, their talking person talked too much! I think I've forgotten their name as a reaction to being told to remember it so many times).

The tasting room is really pretty, with access on a couple of sides. They had some tasty munchies out, little sausage sandwiches and a Dove chocolate with the sweet wine at the end.

The tasting started at their indoor tasting area, a few wines there, then a few more outside (the merlots), including a barrel tasting (which wasn't that promising, not enough strong flavor for such a young wine). As far as the wines went, about two-thirds weren't really too either of our palates, but about a third were really good, and we did buy some. Well worth the trip.

On impulse, we stopped at the neighboring Sarah's Vineyard. I'd never been there before. It turned out they were doing Merlot Madness as well! Merlot actually isn't my (or Wyatt's) favorite wine, but you know, we bought wine at this vineyard as well! There prices were really reasonable in price, and each price suited its wine. They had fabulous tri tip and sides for munchies.

All told it was a lot of fun. There are a ton of wineries in the Gilroy area to check out!



Mar. 16th, 2007 05:43 am (UTC)
Research is exhausting, but someone has to do it!
Glad you had fun, and looking forward to more reports, so you can make the tough decisions about where to lead our happy band of vino vagabonds!! (Smiles broadly)