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I just spent the past couple of hours trying to locate my "Blimpie" rocket ship pin.  One of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh series designs that I made up for WorldCon in Glasgow last year.  It was the last one, as I have sold all others in this particular batch.  Usually, I am pretty meticulous about putting my brooches in a certain location in my jewelry armoire, but  sometimes I just leave it on the particular article.  This was not attached to any of the usual suspect pieces of attire that accessorize with rocket ship jewelry.  I finally found it attached to one of my dusters that is no way close to anything that resembles skiffy wear.  Imagine that?  I'm daring!

Why was I doing this?  
I am sending beauty shots to Bonny Doon Vineyards, and that particular piece is similar to their "Mothership", the Cigare Volant.  

dave_gallaher is setting up the shoot now,  thanks to  bovilfor the link the other day!

Hopefully something good!