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Buy Some Wine, Plant a Tree!

Well, as we grow older, we're supposed to be wiser, right?  Or at least older. Sigh.  Oddly enough my latest issue of (gulp) AARP Magazine* features a gift giving guide.  In the brief gift giving guide they featured French Rabbit Wines as a suggested gift.  Knowing my penchant for perking up when seeing something new and interesting in wine, I decided to investigate further.  The article briefly mentioned that it was environmentally friendly wine in revolutionary packaging.   No, it's not your average "wine in a box".
Sure enough, upon seeing the French Rabbit website, I was very impressed.  Buy four FR's, a tree will be planted!  So, do something nice.  Go get some French Rabbit as a gift, and be socially, and environmentally responsible too.  For a list of who sells it locally go here.
I'm curious about the taste, and how one will "lay up" (leaching), other than that I will be getting one to see if the tetra pak detracts from the flavor.

*Okay, I admit I'm an old geezer.