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VintaCon Itin is up

Hey all you VintaCon folk:
Here's VintaCon 4 Itin-version  one and subject to casual changes...


6 p.m.         Meet at Hospitality, or call us if you’re still on the road.  From there we’ll have an outin’ for food!

7ish             Dinner -ish  time

9:00ish        Meet in Hospitality for the Scary Wine/Deadly Zins tasting-bring on the Scary wine to share, after all, it’s Friday, the Thirteenth!!!!!

Gaming and conviviality to follow! Bring your games!

Saturday:   Scramble/Swagger/Stagger Down Main Street Contest!

We’re going to be mighty hospitable-like, and  dump you off at the opposite end of Main, so you can head back toward the Hotel and make purchases along the way (van will be parked at various intervals along the route).

                                (rules and teams discussion on Friday evening)
            Back to Hospitality for a well deserved rest break,
                    and to see who won the contest!

7:30 (?)      Meet for Dinner!

10:00ish     Sweets, VintaCon style!  You bring the Dessert Wine, we provide the desserts!  Yummy!

Sunday:  Hospitality opens at 11:00

We are going to a few wineries, so if you’d like to pack up then join us, please do!  We will go to Lorraine, Chatom, and Black Sheep.  We are not going to the monster known as “Ironstone”.