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Attention to all you VintaCon attendees: I’m writing this in a big hurry.  I must get to school to do a Massive Amount Of Work.  However, I wanted to badly update our upcoming extravaganza.

Memberships are trickling in.  We do not have them all, and we are wondering what to do if we do have leftover rooms that have been charged to us…please let us know that you are coming, so we can update our list!!!!!  A list of paid memberships will hopefully be made available to you on Tuesday.

A flier was never made available to you on LJ.  My apologies, I do not maintain the site, did send a file to the administrator, but you know how real life intrudes.  If you want a copy, please email me!

We have rented a van, just not a large one this time, due to the fact we won’t be traipsing around the countryside on Saturday.  Sunday will be optional traipsing to the non-Main Street tasting rooms.  This will be after check out, so we could leave your cars in the lot, and take the van, and the designated driver (yes, we have one-yay!) to go to other tasting rooms. The van will be available Saturday, for hauling purchases,  possibly tired feet, or chauffeuring folks that have had too much tasting.  (Trust me, this could happen!)

 We will be getting up to Murphy’s in the afternoon on Friday.  A list of names will be given to the hotel, so please say that you are on the room list for VintaCon.   

Itinerary so far…

  Afterwards (around 9ish) we will have “Scary Wine” tasting in the Con Suite.  Please, no bad wine (eg: two buck chuck), just Scary (label, vintage…), and gaming will ensue.  As usual, we’ll have our Apples to Apples with us.



After check out we will be available to escort you to our select number of tasting rooms off Main Street.  We have arrangements with some, and if we get through our list, we’ll try to make it to others.  We will come back to the hotel by 4:30ish if that is doable.

Questions, concerns, let me know!!!

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Oct. 2nd, 2006 07:08 am (UTC)
Once again Vintacon sounds like a blast

Alas, we're running the ragged edge of exhaustion and finances, currently do not plan on attending this year.

Silicon will be our last major activity till the end of year.

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