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VintaCon is Now Taking Memberships

Hello fellow Muscat Lovers, Priests of Pinot,  and all you other cru members.
The Fourth VintaCon is fast approaching.   Many of you know that it will be held in Murphys this year, in Calaveras County on October 13-15. 
So it is with great pleasure we announce:
The Celebrated JumpingCorkCon of Calaveras County,
for short.

So dear cru members, leap from your seat and fill out the form that bovil will post  as soon as he can (he's just a tad bit  swamped with a few things to do), and come celebrate with us up in Gold Country. 
We promise some interesting programming this year such as:
  • Scary Wine Night on Friday the 13th
  • Stagger Down Main (and never shall the twain meet?)
  • Possible wine maker's dinner (we're pacing, we're pacing)
  • Leap for Sweets in the Suite
  • And a few surprises!
We would also like to announce that we have a special email contact if you want us to send special information for your eyes only. 
You can reach either dave_gallaher or myself at  vintacon@pacbell.net .
And yes, we'll both have forms on us at WorldCon if anyone is interested.  Hope to see you there!