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After acquiring wine on the Saturday trip we went back to the Historic Hotel and asked if it was okay to store the wine and other goodies somewhere where they wouldn’t bake in the heat.  The hotel staff at the desk was apparently used to this, and said it would be fine for them to watch the flock.  We changed and had a quick bite of light dinner so we could be on our way up the winding road to the Stevenot Winery to see the Murphys Creek Theatre Production of Twelfth Night.  Outdoors under the stars, with bugs, port-o-potty and lawn chairs.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and had a very experienced cast.  The production was done in “Beat Generation” style, and made for some interesting interpretation.  We came back to our cursed, um, haunted room; to the vibrating floor of the saloon and the very noisy Harleys outside.  After some chilled Muscat, and ear plugs I soon fell asleep.  The next morning we got up and watched Murphys Homecoming Heritage Day Parade.  We had a great view right from the window of our room.  It was already cooking near the triple digits by ten o’clock when the parade started.  Murphys in all its small town glory, resplendent with dancehall girls in vintage horse drawn buggies and model T’s aaahh-ooooggga-ing down the street.  Once again to prove what a savvy little winery it is, Twisted Oak wheeled down the parade route with grape harvest carts full of water, with a child in each compartment armed with a super soaker squirting the grateful crowd.  (All the while playing the theme from “Super Chicken”.)

I was already overheated for the day getting everything packed in, then at breakfast I managed to get enough liquid in, but was still very dehydrated.  As I was waiting for Ms. F. to do her final ghost run through, I hung out in the cooler front parlor area of the hotel.  We decided to check out the Stevenot tasting room, and I felt that they made a  fair Temprenillo.  Nothing to really write home about.  Maybe it was day three of heat exhaustion speaking loudly. After totally being checked out of the hotel, we ran across the street to get the Roussanne, and lavender from Lavender Ridge, I got the car and we loaded up the wine in the back seat area, then put the thermal blanket over "the Mother Lode" to keep it cool.  We took the car down and loaded up wine from Milliare, and Twisted Oak.  Away we went, taking a side trip to Columbia State Park for a sweltering time to see a bit of California history*, and back to Gerber/Laraine to pick up our purchases from the day before.    Then home after a quick stop at Angel’s Camp for some Starbucks.

*I do not recommend the approach we took to Columbia  in the fifteen passenger van.   Many sharp turns on a tiny, winding, small road with no guard rail to the abyss below.  Not for the faint of heart.  However, it was an interesting side trip.



Jul. 27th, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
Delayed reaction
Wow. This concludes an excellent comprehensive account of our trip to Murphys. I just wish it wasn't so fricking hot.

Unfortunately, this is crunch time for the writers workshop, so it will be a little while before I post my comments on the trip.