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After a cool air break from the sweltering heat, we made our way to the Twisted Oak tasting room.  This, IMO, is Murphys version of Bonny Doon.  Complete with Archie McPhee “Accoutrements”.  Rubber Chickens adorn the place.  The wine list is a fair variety; they had a bit of Portuguese, Spanish, and Rhone.  The names of the wines themselves are, well, vulgar and outrageous.  Right up our alley.  I enjoyed the Verdelho, a light white, and very refreshing on a hot day.  Perhaps following along in the beer trade, these folks decided to inject some popular culture into naming their very fruity red blend Murgatroyd.  Apparently the owner is a Snagglepuss fan, thus the name. Exit, stage left on to the street again to Newsome-Harlow, who are associates of Twisted Oak.  Very classy little tasting room.  You might say that N-H is the alter-ego of Twisted Oak.  Refined, elegant boutique style wine, without the pretentiousness.  The Meritage was pricy, but nice.  These were also the folks that want to work with us on accommodations and possible wine maker’s dinner.

Before our last stop of the day we ducked into Nelson’s Columbia Candy Kitchen for some chocolate.  We had lunch before heading out, but by that time it was a nice break from tasting room to tasting room.  Great chocolate, fortunately the temperature kept me from buying much.   Our last stop of the day was Domaine Becquet (pronounced BK).  They have an amazing white port, but I zeroed in on the Muscat. It had a very apply-pear finish. Good chilled on a very hot summer day in a hotel room that had no temperature control. (Thank God for the invention of the cooler and ice bucket.) The lady at the tasting room was very pleasant to chat with, and gave us a history lesson on clarets, and said that the owner was a direct descendent of Thomas Becket, thus the name of their Canterbury Port.  Ironic, it is, considering all that hoo-ha about Thomas being an Archbishop in the Catholic Church in England, being murdered, then canonized.  I just guess I’m a skeptic about the “direct” descendent part.  I suppose it makes for more sales in the end…as sort of an English/French-style-wine-by-way-of-California, in what appears to be a slightly bold way of marketing.   That was the closing sips of our Main Street romp.  Two and a half hours, five wineries.  Not bad.

Next installment: Quilts, Bam-Bam, and Green Wine



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Jul. 22nd, 2006 06:41 am (UTC)
Vino Verde? For real?
Jul. 22nd, 2006 05:39 pm (UTC)
You'll just have to wait for the installment!!
(Not posting today, going to Bonny Doon, Schaffer-Ward Manor, and Anniversary "Date".)
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