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Friday was the Main Street tasting room day. When we checked in, I looked out the window to see within visual range three tasting rooms just across the street. I only took in one of them, not knowing how much wine each place had to offer, conversely how much time each room would take.  To the right, down towards the Black Bart Theatre, was the Rocco's Com' e Bella Vineyards, Zucca Mountain Vineyards in the middle, and Lavender Ridge directly across from our window. Lavender Ridge appealed to my love of Lavender instinct. My instinct proved to be a good thing. We walked into the very, very tiny room and the aroma of soothing lavender was wonderful. Aromatic tonic for the cure of ta long drive. They had just finished harvesting a batch. All for sale, too!  Rich, the winemaker has had vast experience in the industry, over twenty years worth. Lavender Ridge specializes in Rhones. The one wine I was acutely interested in was the Roussanne. Roussanne is not a common varietal, only four tons of grapes are produced annually in California. The results were worth it. Plus, if you are a lavender fan,  with each bottle of wine purchased, you get a lovely little sachet to go with your bottle. Classy touch. They also make a mouth watering Vin Doux, hmmmm. Sweet!
Our next stop was decidedly  way down the other side of the street in the easterly direction, Milliaire Winery.  We literally hot-footed it down there in the triple digit heat as if it was going to close in the next five minutes.  Someone was in a big hurry to get there.  They had a mixture of  mostly Rhone, and Rhine with a little Italian thrown in for good measure. My wine buying traveling compadre was forever going on about the Gewurztraminer, which was decent enough, but I liked the Zin Clockspring (the name thing) which was a bit on the dry side, and the 2002 Zin Ghirardelli (no relation to the chocolate folks) was nice little semi-sweet, very plumy but not too overpowering. The Roberts Cuvee Late Harvest was very tasty as well. I didn’t pick up any wine there on this trip, but plan to do the buying in the fall, when I have a bit of cash flow.  Their wines did not exceed the $25 range.
After a little confusion with crossing the street, we stumbled upon a shop that had a mixture of antiques and repros. We went in for some air conditioning time, then back directly  across the street for a “Twisted” experience.

Next Installment: Some twisted elegant chocolate, and claret