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(Note: Part one was posted in my journal, and really didn't have much to do with VintaCon. )

Murphys itself is pleasant enough place.  Here is an old historic Gold Rush Days town which has reinvented itself through new industries. Tourism and wine.  Most little towns have had trouble with rejuvenating its Main Street area.  Murphys solved the problem by combining two new industries with revitalization.  There are at least a dozen or more tasting rooms for the local wineries on Main Street.  So in essence, you can stagger from one to another, detox in between with antiquing, munching, and shopping.  I ask you, how cool is that?  And if you really want to check out a particular winery away from the Main Street shuffle, you can do that within a five mile radius of Murphys.  The only logistics problem I saw was if you wanted to buy on the spot while strolling down Main Street.  Well, you could, but you wouldn’t want to take it with you.  My strategy before even walking in one tasting room was to taste, take notes, come back before leaving and load up the car.  Especially given the room conditions, and the temperature outside.  Yes, loading up the wine in a frosty cool car as close to the front as possible was the plan.  I packed the non perishables and luggage in the back of the car.

The wineries visited on this trip will be reviewed and posted to this community in the coming days.  I took extensive notes, and the report will be as detailed as I can get, without being overbearing.  However, I do have my preferences.  You can make yours when you are there.

The short answer to the question is yes, the next VintaCon will be at Murphys, if we can get the lodging figured out.  Going so close to the date was a risk, and the result is the lack of group accommodations, from an online scan.  A few wineries were helpful with alternate suggestions, and appeared very interested in getting us there for the optimal experience. One winery even hinted at working with us to possibly provide a private wine maker’s dinner for us that weekend.  This bending over backwards factor scored major points.

This unique environment provides us with a unique opportunity.  If we do not stay on property near Main, we can just drive you to one end, set you loose, give you a time to regroup, and leave you to your own devices until we see you at the other side, so to speak.  That way we can split up and not overpower the rooms with our membership.  If we go in waves, we can give quick reviews as some are coming in and others leaving, if that sounds appealing.  But that is one option among many.


Next Installment:  She Wines Constantly