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Gold Country Wine Investigation

It certainly isn’t easy investigating anything on the net.  It’s time consuming, but hopefully the fruits of my labor will be worth all this time.  My research to date, has shown a great deal of Rhone style wines in the Calaveras Wine Country.  Many of the wineries here look like they do mainly a red spectrum, (can I get a whoop?), because of the microclimatology in the area.  The one thing that I admittedly find appealing is Main Street.  It looks like at least ten plus tasting rooms within walking distance of where The Blond One and I  will be staying, the Murphys Historic Hotel.  If that isn’t enough, there are several more within a 10 minute radius of the hotel.  I figure when we get up there on Friday, we’ll hit the all the Main Street tasting rooms after checking in.  Yes, I said all!  That doesn’t mean I am going to drink at all of them, just checking them out.  Then I have mapped out some vineyards for Saturday that look appealing.  Since I am driving, I am going to make the decisions as where to stop.  One stop is Irish Vineyard, which has a “Blarney Red” (I suppose it’s their generic blend).  I want to check out their picnic space for Vintacon.  Another stop will be Ironstone Vineyards, which will have a quilt festival going on.  I am not avoiding this because I want to see what the gold country version of a wedding factory is.  Their wine selection looks interesting enough to go through all of that, but if it does look like a waste, I'm bailing.

Laraine Wines/Gerber Vineyards seems like a large place also, but quite appealing in the pastoral sense.  The Blond One says there are many, many wineries on Highway Four, and looking at the list, she’s right, so I need to do more delving into which ones are attractive enough to make a stop.

On the hotel front, it doesn’t look as bleak as I thought.  I went on to the Best Western site, and it had rooms, so our delightful and capable hotel liaison, dave_gallaher, will be looking into that this weekend, and if things go well (despite Blondstruction), we will go ahead with plans for a Vintacon in gold country.  He has the information for the Murphy's Hotel if I give a thumbs up on the place.  And for side trips there is the Twain Cabin, which isn’t a hike after all, and the gold rush museum too.  Lots of interesting things as  local diversions, and in the evening we can take in some Theatre, for those so inclined.

Now, for naming this particular Vintacon…if we do end up in Gilroy as an alternative, I have got a name picked out, but the gold country was just too cliché for us to do the obvious.  Expect a bit of a surprise on this one.  So, again if things go well, we will unveil the name of the convention after the pro and con session.

Once again, the dates you should mark down are October 13-15.  Peruse the links on the Calaveras site and see if I should make a “must stop” somewhere for y’all.

Oh yeah, for those in the know please remember who I am going to be with this trip out, and pray for what mental health I’ve got left by the end of the weekend.