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Alas, No Vintacon for 2012

Hello Fellow Vinophiles,
Sadly, I have to state the obvious.  We have had a very busy year. VERY BUSY. You have probably noticed that we haven't had much posting on the progress of this year's Vintacon.  On top of that I have surgery scheduled for October 3rd for my ongoing (+four years and counting) knee issues.  Unfortunately, I have to do this during the teaching year, and once again deplete all of my available sick leave. If I could wait another nine months until summer break, I would.  The pain has worsened, and I am barely able to walk upright for much longer.  As a result of this medical issue, we will not be able to prepare or conduct the type of Vintacon that you are all accustomed to.  So we are pushing it back one year so I can heal.  I'm hoping that you won't be disappointed too much.
I would like to have some sort of consolation outing up in Calistoga at the castle, but that may even be difficult at best.
My apologies to all who were looking "sideways" this autumn at Santa Barbara's wineries. 
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Hello Out There!! Details, Please!

Hello Vintaconteers,
Just a gentle reminder that I need your registration by 9/30.  SEPTEMBER 30-THIS FRIDAY! Yes, I am making a rare appearance at BASFA to collect registration and payment if you have it.
I need to know if you have food allergies so that we can shop appropriately.
The reason why I am gently reminding you is that I am making badges, and really need to have all the names spelled out in the registration form.  You know me, if this is Vintacon, it has to be done right. Don't tell me you don't need no stinkin' badges.  No name, no badge!  No way!
Don't let this be a "Bad Moon Rising", and forget to give me your name!
Thank you!
Hugs and Smooches,
The Registration Maven of Vintacon Seven
Stuckcon-It's A Revival!

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Deadline for Vintacon Registration!!!

Deadline for registration is September 30th.  That is registration, not payment. We know you are good for it.
We haven't heard from many of you, and we need to know for the wineries (now!!!), and food shopping (now!!!) how many of you will join us.
We also need to know if you have any allergies to certain foods that would be helpful in the prep.
If you eschew checks these days, pay us in cash either at BASFA or on site, BUT LET US KNOW NOW THAT YOU WILL BE GOING TO VINTACON!  Also, our block only has one reservation at the hotel.  We know you want to go!  Please, please, please, let us know, and let the hotel know!
Thank you!
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It's (Finally) Here

Stuckcon has finally made the inital arrangements for hotel and van rental. Contact us at vintacon at pacbell dot net, or Dave at dwg1 at pacbell dot net for the flier to be sent to you if one already hasn't.  We are dealing with many unexpected and unforseen situations right now, so it has been a very upsetting time for us.  Hopefully we'll all be settled out very shortly.  In the meantime we will be getting the programming together and let you know what to expect.
Thank you for your mounds of patience.
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Vintacon Proudly Announces -The Lucky Seventh - A Revival!

We have finally have a date!!!! We are working on the hotel arrangements, and one of our members is already putting together a fabulous program. So I am very proud to say:

The Return of Vintacon, the Seventh-A Revival:
(Yes, it has been three plus years since the last Vintacon!)
Oh Lord!
October 7,8,9

Give "creedence" to your inner wine connoisseur,
and pass through the up and coming wine region of
Lodi, California!
*We promise you won't regret being stuck!

Hotel information will be along shortly!  It is a good possibility that we will be at the Hilton in Stockton.  A flier will be coming along shortly, with rates, and more details. 
Meanwhile, you can follow us on Twitter at Vintacon.